Why does India claim all of the history of the subcontinent?

when it’s the combined history of Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, since India was formed just in 1947? India has existed in this form for 1000s of years. Just the present Republic of India...

Chapekar brothers

The Chapekar brothers were Indian revolutionaries involved in the assassination of W. C. Rand, the British plague commissioner of Pune.

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Did Rama exist? Yes, I am quite sure he did. Rama’s life was a fact. His divinity is a matter of faith.

Evidence of 4000 years old civilisation

at ‘Mahabharat era’ excavation site Previously, the Archeological Survey of India has discovered the ‘First Ever’ physical evidence of chariots being used in a near 2000 BC period Sinauli village in Uttar...

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