Harappa Civilization

Until a century ago, nothing was known about the ancient civilization whose remnants were buried deep inside the earth.  When inquisitive archaeologists started digging, what emerged was to change the history...

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Did Rama exist? Yes, I am quite sure he did. Rama’s life was a fact. His divinity is a matter of faith.

How Britain stole $45 trillion from India

There is a story that is commonly told in Britain that the colonisation of India – as horrible as it may have been – was not of any major economic benefit to Britain itself. If anything...

Ujjain, at the crossroads of Time

Ujjain is literally the crossroad of Space and Time in India. This renowned and ancient city is famous for spiritual as well as scientific reasons. It has stood, quite literally, at the very centre of the...

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Cave temple in Keeranur

Malayadippatti, near Keeranur – Pudukkottai has a wonderful cave temple popularly known as Olipathi Vishnu Graham (Kan Nirantha Perumal). This Pandya cave temple belong to 7th – 8th Century CE. The Vishnu...

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Dayal and many other Indians on the Pacific Coast were active in the nationalist cause at this time and their efforts converged in 1912-1913 with the founding of the Pacific Coast Hindustani Association, later to...

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Ancient India Timeline

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