Dholkal Ganesh Temple, Midkulnar

A small, mysterious shrine located atop a hill in the middle of a dense forest. Such a temple exists in reality on a mountain called dholkal in Dantewada district, about 350 km from Raipur in Chattisgarh. It is located at a height of 3000 ft from sea level, and had remained hidden for centuries until it was rediscovered by an archaeologist in 2012.

Photo by Raghu

The kings of Chindak Nagvanshi dynasty set a stone idol of Lord Ganesha at the hilltop in the 11th century. The 2.5 to 3 ft idol has been carved in the shape of a dholak, a musical instrument commonly used in classical music; hence, the hill has been named dholkal. The idol depicts Ganesha seated in his typical lalitasana or playful and easygoing posture. The local inhabitants worship the idol of Ganesha throughout the year, and a special fair is held at this site in the month of Magha, between January-February.

Photo by Raghu

Trekkers from Jagdalpur would need 2 hours to reach Farsapal village, which is a sort of base point for the Dholkar Ganesha trek. It takes 16 hours to finish the trek, and it would help you immensely to hire the service of a local guide to make your way through the dense conifer forests. Pack in some lunch to fuel up your body after you reach the hilltop. The panoramic sight of the entire forest from the top of the hill is a cherry on the cake.




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