Ancient Carvings of Chabimura

“Devlok Ka Dwar” – Unexplored Chabimura !! Hidden in mountains of Tripura are ancient, huge carvings of Shiva, Vishnu, Mahisasura mardini Durga & other Gods & Goddesses. There are 37...

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Did Rama exist? Yes, I am quite sure he did. Rama’s life was a fact. His divinity is a matter of faith.

Harappa Civilization

Until a century ago, nothing was known about the ancient civilization whose remnants were buried deep inside the earth.  When inquisitive archaeologists started digging, what emerged was to change the history...

The Battle of Bahraich

Introduction In Indian history books, we have studied that Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni attacked India seventeen times during 1000 AD to 1027 AD. We have also learnt that Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan...

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